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Brand Story

One Picture Tells a Legend

This is a warm-hearted picture,
The one full of family affection, true feelings and homesickness affection,
The one hard to erase from Chinese memory.
There is no difference between leader (founder of the Republic) and civilians (hometown commoners) in this photo,
it is a perfect integration between ordinary and greatness,
an eternal classic with radiance of great man......
As time goes by, the blueprint of great man is spreading out, while the memory to cherish him will remain in our mind for ever.
At the moment in 1959, the unforgettable memory has sunk in Tang Ruiren's mind for ever.

Maojia Restaurant

Based on the deep conversion to Chinese traditional culture and red culture,the cultural space of maojia integrates modern design elements on the basis of tradition,combines fashion and catering culture,integrates maojia corporate culture into the space,so that customers can taste the delicious food and the penetration of maojia unique corporate culture.The hall and private room culture ingeniously integrates the chairman's revolutionary footprints into its space.The overall cultural layout will create a dining space with personality,humanity,publicity and stability,and make the unique Mao culture of the Mao family form more contents that can be tasted slowly.

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Corporate Culture

  • Enterprise purpose

    Build catering culture, dedicate Mao family's love and uphold steadiness and honesty
  • Mao's slogan

    Go all out to create brilliance again. The Mao family is my family, and development depends on everyone
  • Management slogan

    Moving people with spirit and standardizing people with system
  • Core values

    Output humanized and institutionalized service and product creation humanized and institutionalized enterprise and management
  • management idea

    Serve the public with the feelings of the people, connect the world with the recipes of Mao family, and publicize history with political advantages
  • Cultural concept

    Maojia recipe, people's feelings transmit history and reflect delicacies
  • Franchise concept

    Standardization, support, cooperation, win-win

Management Team

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