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It was in December 2000 that State Administration for Industry and Commerce and China Individual Labour Association made a denomination to Tang Ruiren, Chairman, as the bright star in 2000.

It was on August 28, 1999 that Shaoshan Maojia Restaurant Development Co., Ltd. made its first chain store- Huizhou Maojia Restaurant start business.

It was on July 8, 1999 that the first general manager work meeting of Maojia Restaurant's chain store was held in Shaoshan.

It was on June 9, 1999 that Shaoshan Maojia Restaurant Development Co., Ltd. was set up in Shaoshan.

It was in October 1998 that Maojia Restaurant awarded the third prize of the 3rd song contest of national factory and store by a song of Here Comes the Spring into Maojia Restaurant.

It was on November 4, 1997 that Trademark Appraisal Committee of the State Administration Bureau for Industry and Commerce brought in a verdict that the brand "Shaoshan Maojia" of Beijing Shaoshan Maojia Restaurant held to constitute an infringement to the brand of "Maojia" of Shaoshan Maojia Restaurant, which should be recalled. It was first time that Maojia Restaurant had taken strong measures against fake and shoddy products.

It was in September 1997 that Tang Ruiren received the title of the "Advanced individual of national professional ethics" by All-China Federation of Trade Unions and national professional ethics construction, direction and coordination group.

It was in May 1997 that Tang Ruiren received the title of Hunan province outstanding individual industrial and commercial household from 1994-1996 by CPC Hunan Provincial Committee and Provincial People's Government.

It was in December 1995 that Tang Ruiren received the title of the "model of supporting the army" by People's Government of Hunan Province and provincial military command.

It was on September 5, 1995 that State Administration of Industry and Commerce made the approval of "Maojia" brand.

It was in 1994 that Wang Shoudao, member of the standing committee of the Advisory Commission of the Central Committee of the CPC inscribed a store name for Maojia Restaurant.

It was in 1994 that the prototype edition of The Glory, the first private economic journal in China, took Tang Ruiren as its cover person.

It was on November 1, 1993 that Shaoshan Maojia Restaurant submited an application for registering "Maojia" brand for State Administration of Industry and Commerce.

It was in April 1991 that Tang Ruiren was present at the 2nd Session of national individual workers interviewed by Li Peng, Qiao Shi, and other party and state leaders.

It was in October 1990 that Tang Ruiren was awarded as one of "Advanced individual workers in Hunan province".

It was on March 8, 1987 that Shaoshan Maojia Restaurant started its business.

It was on June 25, 1959 that Chairman Mao visited Tang Ruiren as backing Shaoshan, and left a precious historical picture.

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